Flannel Pajama Sets are Sexy

Men have always worn flannel pajama sets to sleep but it’s not so common to see women sleep in them. Typically, women would think silk lingerie and other sexy night gowns would be considered attractive but nobody ever thinks of boxers as sexy. Guess what, there is sex appeal among women who could look really hot wearing the simplest of things. They just have to find the ones that flatter them the most and are the least sexually suggestive. How does this work?

When a woman’s wearing a really elaborate night gown, all attention goes to that piece. Sure it’s supposed to be sexy and kinky, but that’s not it. It’s too loud and it draws the attention away from the fact that the package inside is a lot more appealing than the packaging itself. An average girl in a buttoned up flannel pajama set would not be easily seen as attractive right away. Your boyfriend wouldn’t think your look to be so special when you’re wearing something like this. Then again maybe he’ll think it looks hot on you. The point is, looking simple like this gives your boyfriend a chance to discover sexy angles of you. He wouldn’t notice them at first but when he does, the realization itself would draw him more to you. Men appreciate their find if it wasn’t so easy to see at first rather than one that was just handed to them. There’s the appeal.

Another fact about silk underwear, silk is not a very breathable material. Because of this, wearing silk panties everyday is not good for women. It generally upsets the pH balance in the vagina. Women who wear cotton panties do not have as much problems with yeast infections as women who usually wear silk ones. Who said you’d have to wear underwear at night? Wearing just the top from your flannel pajama set is also OK.

Who would look hot in flannel pajama sets? Just about any girl out there who has mysterious qualities! They don’t need to have long legs. Flannel pajama sets can be very inviting. These incite more curiosity to what a charming woman looks like underneath her garb. Who wouldn’t fall in love with the idea? Perhaps women should save some skin and stop exposing themselves too much. There has to be something left for the guys to be excited and appreciative about. Put on a flannel pajama set and turn on the charm.

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